See the impact of your support 

See the impact your support has on young peopleJust some of the amazing young people you've helped

Thank you, Angela.

Thanks to people like you, a staggering 825,000 young people have been helped into work, education or training over the past 40 years. That’s enough young people to fill every stadium in the Premier League, including Wembley!

Thank you for believing in young people. It really does make an enormous difference.

Your support helps get young people off benefits and into work. It reduces youth offending and school absences. It improves young people’s practical and social skills, and helps them into education and training. 

This represents a huge benefit to our country. Our 40 Life-Changing Years report shows what an incredible impact supporters like you have had on disadvantaged young people over the years.

But it’s the individual stories that keep me going. 

I’m talking about repeat offenders like Casey. With a bit of support, Casey turned her life around. She’s now a leader in her community. She is a clear reminder of why we must stick at it until every young person gets the chance to succeed. 

This work is only possible thanks to you.

It’s so good to know that you’re with us. With your help, we will keep working to give disadvantaged young people the chance to take control of their lives. 

Thank you for making a huge impact on young people’s lives.

Best wishes,

Paul Relf,

Support Team, The Prince’s Trust

Paul Relf, Supporter Services Manager, The Prince's Trust

Casey Taylor shares her story

Casey's transformatioN

From repeat offender to community leader. Read Casey’s incredible story about how she turned her life around.

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The social bank of mum and dad

Our latest report finds that social background still defines a young person's life chances.

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